Volunteer Recruitment


The association recruits volunteers aperiodically. Volunteers will participate in the association’s daily operation and activities coordination, so you can have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of the association’s operation. And the experience can serve as the foundation for your future career development and also allow you to help create the Chinese Brand.


Benefits for Volunteers:

  • 切实的工作体验,在工作中提升对澳洲,对行业,对自身的了解

  • A practical work experience, and enhance your understanding of Australia, the industry, and yourself during the work

  • 免费参与精品活动,与业界精英近距离交流

  • Participate in boutique events for free and have close communication with industry elites.

  • 畅通咨询,更多的专业实习机会

  • Unimpeded communication and consultation, more professional internship opportunities


Application Requirements:

爱交流,爱学习,想进步,有热情,能坚持,有时间(每周一到两天,周四周五为佳,部分周末), 专业背景不限(财经商业类学生/人士优先考虑)

Love communication, keen on learning, pursue progress, be enthusiastic, have spare time (one or two days a week, Thursday and Friday are preferred, and part of weekends), no limitations on professional backgrounds (Financial and business students/persons are preferred)

请发简历至 info@acaaustralia.org(请注明可工作的时间)

Please send resume to info@acaaustralia.org (Please include the available working time)

Excellent volunteer style

Yumiko Zhu

Graduated from DePaul University with a bachelor degree in Finance and is currently pursuing a master degree at USYD. Volunteered at events held by Australian Financial Review and Blackmores etc., Also a member at Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association. Always keen to learn and explore.

Jiacheng Li

Jiacheng Li, currently studying master of professional accounting. Joined ACAA in May 2020 as a member of ACAA's student volunteer. Interested in reading, bush walking etc. in the spare time. I am mainly responsible for the copywriting editing works for ACAA’s official WeChat and the update of the official website of ACAA. I greatly enjoy volunteering at ACAA as it is a great opportunity to learn from other members of ACAA, and all the activities of ACAA are quite informative and inspiring.

Kathy Yao

Kathy Yao, studying accounting in Macquarie University (major in Master of Professional Accounting). Joined ACAA in February 2020 as a member of ACAA’s student volunteer. She works as an ACAA WeChat administrator, mainly informing and publicizing the activities of the ACAA.