2019 ACAA Committees are recruiting

2019 ACAA Committees are recruiting

  • 2019-01-26 02:44:39


ACAA 2019

Committee Leaders/members 


Being a committee leader/members is an excellent personal development activity. Yes, there is a time outlay but there is also a potential to learn many things. Over the past years, many committee members emerged, learned and developed their leadership and management skills from the great experience with ACAA. 

The benefits of volunteering for ACAA Executive Committee include but not limited to below:

  1. Gain a first hand experience in organisation strategy development.

  2. Raise your profile in your organization and profession

  3. While being a committee member can certainly help you grow your network, the real impact and change come when you do some hands-on work, specifically by helping others reach important goals.

  4. To take ownership of an area where you have creative ideas and practical plans.

  5. Gain knowledge  in planning, promoting and managing events.

  6. Opportunity to develop your leadership skills and influential ability.

  7. Strengthen project and team management skills.

  8. Great opportunity to contribute and participate ownership to promote Chinese accountant community. 

Requirements to become ACAA committee member:

  1. Should be ACAA active member.

  2. Would have commitment to contribute personal time regularly (about 5-10 hours per month).

  3. Specilised in one or many professional areas.

  4. Term of appointment will be 1 year.

Committee recruiting: 

   1. Operation and support committee

   2. Marketing and brand committee

   3. University relationship committee

   4. Member relationship committee

   5. Technical committee

   6. ACAA magazine (财志) 编辑部

   7. Brisbane Branch committee

Selection methods:

   1. 2019 Committee leaders can be Self-application or nomination by a current ACAA board members/committee leaders.

   2. Current committee leaders/members who meet prior year's goals will be re-appointed with privileage

   3. All application and nomination will be reviewed by ACAA board in accordance with criteria

   4. Selected commitee leaders/members will be officially appointed for 2019 committees

Time frame:

   1. All application or nominaiton is required to be lodged before 18th March 2019.

   2. Final appointment will be notified by email and a formal appointment meeting will be held around 2 weeks after closing of application.

Way of application: 

   1. All applicants or nominees need to present a professional photo and a brief biography.

   2. All applicants or nominees are also lodge a short writing about following (each questions: less than 100 words)

       - what committee he/she will work at?

       - why he/she is suitable for that committee?

       - why and how to perform the duties of that commitee's leader/member?

   3. All applicantion can be lodged through https://goo.gl/forms/cP4GQIgqGTipH7QJ3.

   4. Any queries please send to info@acaaustralia.org.

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