Member Type


Corporate Member

All legally established companies, firms and other social groups in either Australia or China can submit an application to our association and become a corporate member. Applications must be approved by the association. All corporate members can enjoy the following benefits:

  • 公司会员可以指定不超过4位员工免费成为协会个人会员 (需满足个人会员入会条件)

  • Corporate members can designate no more than 4 employees to become individual members of the association for free (subject to individual membership requirement

  • 公司会员可以按会员价(超低价或免费)参加所有协会主办的专业活动

  • Corporate members can participate in all events held by the association at member price (ultra-low price or free)

  • 公司会员可以享受协会免费提供的会计专业的实习生推荐

  • Corporate members can enjoy the recommendation of accounting interns by the association for free

  • 公司会员的公司或团体标志和名称会列示在协会网站的公司会员名录中

  • As corporate members, the logo and name of the company or group will be listed in the directory of corporate members on our association’s website.

Corporate Member        


Individual Member


Benefits for individual members include:

  • 个人会员可以按照会员价(免费或成本价)参加协会组办的各种活动。

  • Individual members can participate in various activities organized by the association at member price (free or cost price).

  • 各种可能合适的工作机会和职场经验分享

  • Sharing of work experience and learning about possible career opportunities.

  • 华人会计师论坛

  • Australia Chinese Accountants forum


The types of individual members include:

Founding/ Outstanding Member

The founding member group is composed of members who are specially invited by the founders of the association and have relatively broad professional experience or influence in the accounting industry. Founding members will not be added after the association is formally established.


The outstanding member is an honorary title awarded by the association for outstanding accountants or experienced people in relevant industries, and there is no fixed grant time. Outstanding members are recommended by either themselves or association members and then reviewed and approved by the board of directors. Founding members and outstanding members consciously share their growth experiences and industry experience to other members, and voluntarily contribute to the association’s promotion and development.

Professional Member:

The accountant who can apply and become a professional member should be those that have obtained the following professional qualifications, are approved by the association, agree with the purpose of the association and agree to comply with the association’s constitution.

  • 澳大利亚注册会计师(CPA Australia)

  • 澳大利亚特许会计师(Chartered Accountant)

  • 澳大利亚公共会计师 (Institute of Public Accountants)

  • 中国注册会计师 (CPA China)

  • 香港注册会计师 (CPA Hong Kong)

  • 新加坡注册会计师 (CPA Singapore)

  • 英国特许会计师 (ACCA)

  • 特许管理会计师(CIMA)

  • 其他广泛认可的专业资质

Ordinary Member:
  • 尚未取得以上专业资质,但符合下列任一条件的人士,并认同协会宗旨,同意遵守协会章程的,可以申请成为普通会员。

  • Those who have not obtained the above professional qualifications but meet any of the following conditions and agree with the purpose of the association as well as agree to comply with the association's constitution can apply to become an ordinary member.

  • 正在大学学习会计相关专业的学生 (学生在注册时上传有效学生证,可享受折扣价)

  • Students who are studying accounting majors at university (students with effective student ID can have a discount).

  • 已经获取会计相关专业的大学学位

  • Those who have obtained a university degree in accounting related majors

  • 以上所列专业机构的预备会员或正在学习和获取以上所列专业资质

  • Potential members of the professional institutions listed above, or those who are studying and obtaining the professional qualifications listed above.

  • 正在从事与会计相关的工作

  • Those who are working on accounting related jobs.

Individual Member