About Us

About ACAA


Association of Chinese Accountants Australia (“ACAA”) is the first registered not-for-profit organisation in Australia focusing on serving Australian Chinese accountants community. It was initiated by a small group of experienced and passionate Professionals with the aspiration to:

- Connect Australian Chinese accountants learn from and support each other and make them better positioned in the study and work environment.

- Empower all the Australian Accountants with Chinese Background through providing free or low cost knowledge and experience sharing events.  

- Assisting new immigrants with accounting skills better settle down and develop in Australia.


Our vision

To be the top essential not-for-profit organisation for all accountants with Chinese background in Australia. 



ACAA carries out its vision, objective and activities with the Australian Chinese Accountant community, in furtherance of its core charitable purposes:

(a) to advance education; and

(b) to promote reconciliation, mutual respect and tolerance between groups of individuals in Australia.


To build a better-connected Australian Chinese finance and accounting community; empower Chinese accountants in Australia, and support and promote the success of all Chinese Accountants across Australia.

Our history 

ACAA was initiated by Mr. Mike Liang, Ms. Ruyi Jin, Ms. Cherry Zeng, Mr. Richard Lai and Ms. Yang Yang together with other elite Australian Chinese Accountants as founding members in October 2016. 

It was registered as an incorporated association in NSW. In January 2019, in order to be better positioned to pursue its mission and goals in wider Australian Chinese accounting community, ACAA registered itself as a public company limited by guarantee with ASIC.  

In early 2018, with the support from one of the big four accounting firm – EY, ACAA improved its governance and management structure and engaged a more embracing and committed team of volunteers to achieve its goals.   


Our Governing and management structure

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澳大利亚中华会计师协会(“ ACAA”)是首个在澳洲政府注册并致力于服务澳大利亚华人会计师的非盈利组织。他是由一群经验丰富且热情洋溢的专业人员发起的,其目标是:













ACAA是由Mike Liang先生,Ruyi Jin女士,Zeng Zeng女士,Richard Lai先生和Yang Yang女士以及其他澳大利亚精英华人会计师于2016年10月发起的。

他在新南威尔士州注册为法人团体。 2019年1月,为了更好地在广阔的澳大利亚华人会计界追求其使命和目标,ACAA将自己注册为由ASIC担保的上市公司。



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